WADARC Presentation & Awards Evening 2013


Our annual Hot Pot, Presentations and Awards evening took place on Wed 23rd October.  It was very gratifying to see 5 entries for the construction contest.  Below the judges can be seen deliberating on their task.

Bill M1ARH and Ian 2E0IGQ

The standard was extremely high, coupled with a wide variety of applications and to begin the evening the constructors each introduced their entries finishing with "any questions" from the audience.

Simon G6XHF built a multi-HF dipole, Neil M0WBG built a Direction finder Kit, Geoff G4WUA brought a Morse Keyer Kit he had built, Tony M0DWU had built a "Swedish Pixie" QRP Transmitter kit and Denis G3UVR had built a home made multi headset/microphone box.

The Constructors and their entries

As is now traditional, a superb Hot Pot was served just after 9pm which had been prepared during the day by Eric G6HWD for which Gordon G8MMM proposed a vote of thanks.

The Winners !

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Denis G3UVR was overall winner for build of a self designed multi headset and microphone connector box.

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Denis G3UVR and Frank G8REQ  won the Eileen Medley 2n DF Hunt.

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The Phil G6IIM, Gordon G8MMM and Neil G4OAR team won the G8PMF Rose Bowl.  The only team to prevent a G3UVR "clean sweep" !!

Denis G3UVR had unanimous votes for the Glen Dobie Shield for "Best Fox" hiding place.

Denis G3UVR won what has become the "Sunday Shield" for 70cms DF Hunt.

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The prestigious 10th Anniversary Trophy for "Services to the Club" by a non committee member was awarded to Denis G3UVR and Frank G8REQ.  During 2013 the RSGB have been developing their CC UKAC Tuesday Contests and Denis and Frank have been instrumental in encouraging club members to join in.

Finally, a big thank you to Simon G6XHF and Gordon G8MMM, for hosting a thoroughly enjoyable evening.


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