The North Wales 2m DF Hunt ... the Wirral & District ARC.

Rules - April 2016

1) All foxes will transmit on 145.300MHz. If, at the start of an event this frequency is occupied, an alternative will be selected.

2) Teams can call the foxes for a transmission at any time. In addition, "Beacon Transmissions" will be made by the fox(es) as follows:
Morning Fox

One 2 minute transmission the start of the hunt, then 30 second transmissions as follows:

10.05, 10.10, 10.15, 10.20, 10.25, 10.30, 10.35, 10.40, 10.45, 10.50, 10.55, 11.00, 11.10, 11.20, 11.30, 11.40, 11.50, 12.00

Afternoon Foxes

Fox 1. One 2 minute transmission the start of the hunt, then 30 second transmissions as follows:

14.05, 14.10, 14.15, 14.20, 14.25, 14.30, 14.35, 14.40, 14.45, 14.50, 14.55,
15.00, 15.10, 15.20, 15.30, 15.40, 15.50, 16.00

Fox 2. One 2 minute transmission immediately after Fox 1's transmission at
the start of the hunt, then 30 second transmissions as follows:

14.06, 14.11, 14.16, 14.21, 14.26, 14.31, 14.36, 14.41, 14.46, 14.51, 14.56,
15.01, 15.11, 15.21, 15.31, 15.41, 15.51, 16.01

The advantage of the new rule is that if teams do get into the "RF doldrums"
there are "guaranteed" times for them to listen out for transmissions and, in the case of the afternoon hunt, the two foxes will not interfere with each other.

The transmission power used by foxes has also been commented on and it has been suggested that a minimum of 25W be used to compensate for the large area. This would remain fixed in the morning but vary above 25W in the afternoon.

3) Teams can set off at any time after the 1st fox has started transmitting.

4) The foxes will each use their own callsigns.

5) In addition to the transmissions in rule 2, Freebie (unsolicited) transmissions can be made at any time by the foxes after 2hrs, at their own discretion.

6) Foxes must be audible from the start position.

7.1) Morning Event: fox will use fixed power of 25W or more and fixed antenna.

7.2) Afternoon Event: foxes can vary their power and/or antennas during the hunt, However, the minimum power used must not drop below 25W 

8) Foxes will always make a minimum 30 sec transmission.

9) Foxes will be hiding on land to which a public right of way exists.

10) A fox is "found" by a team when any member of the team and the fox exchange a handshake.

11) The winner of the morning event is the first team to find the fox.

The winner of the afternoon event is the first team to find both foxes.


Finally, it is repeated that the WADARC North Wales DF Challenge is somewhat unique in terms of the nature and area of the search terrain.  It's prime objective is for everyone attending to have an enjoyable day out playing radio while improving their skills of direction finding and building antennas/equipment to improve their teams performance at RDF.


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