Jamboree On The Air 2017 - GB2JAM 

Sunday 29th October 2017

 Date : The weekend of the 20th and 21st of October 2017

"Jamboree on the Air" is the worlds BIGGEST annual Scouting Event which took place this last weekend with over 500,000 participants and always takes place on the 3rd weekend in October.

 Location this year was the 20th Birkenhead Scout H.Q. at McAllester Field, Bidston Road, Oxton.  Despite the winds and the rain we managed to battle through without any problems although as a precaution we did lower the masts over the Saturday night.

Once we arrived on Sunday morning they were soon up and operational again until the early afternoon when we wound the event up.

Our JOTA station last weekend using two 40ft Clark Masts.  The clubs 3 element beam is on the mast
furthest away which helped us with a nice qso into Brazil which certainly impressed the youngsters and the
40/80m dipole is on the nearest giving excellent coverage to the UK.  Thanks to those club members who
came by on Friday to help with the setting up.

Young Keenan was just one of the cubs who attended and enjoyed chatting to other Scout Groups
in the UK and beyond.  Simon proved to be a fine mentor and it is hoped we may have an
 opportunity in the future to bring one or two new enthusiasts into amateur radio as a result.

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