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Fair to say we enjoyed a very successful Lighthouse & Lightships on the Air weekend, working some 30 countries which included no less than 39 Lighthouses/Lightships. 
Total contacts on HF came to 571 and a further 170 stations on VHF.  The furthest distance being 4510 miles to Fortaleza in Brazil, but the best DX was 3675 miles to Bear Island far into the Arctic Circle.  The longest distance on VHF was with a station in Surrey on the South Coast of the UK 
Geoff G4WUA was again the station manager and did a great job with the aid of his team of helpers.  Special thanks go to Simon 2E0BDO for the rigging, Steve G7BBF for the superb live webcams and Simon 2E0VNB for running the 2m station almost single handed all weekend.
A Big 'Thank You' also to Jim M0BAS for the lone of the HF rig .. the extra power (without using an amplifier) made all the difference.  Running  200 watts into the full size Windom gave us a great signal as the log shows most of the reports were 59+ with excellent audio.
The 2m station consisted of an Icom IC 706 with a Microwave Module amplifier running about 80 watts into a Diamond X510n and a 17 element Tonna beam mounted above the roof line at about 106 feet.
Also, thanks to Eric G6HWD who was the Public Relations anchor man on Sunday in extolling the virtues to the visiting members of the public about Amateur Radio, as they made their way to the top of Leasowe Lighthouse via trips managed by the Friends of Leasowe Lighthouse.
And finally it was greatly appreciated that many members of Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club also attended and supported the event in Operating, Logging and helping carry equipment up and down from the 2nd floor operating room, made cups of tea, and generally supplied pairs of hands to assist in the smooth running of the weekend.

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