GB4LL ... the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club

Geoff G4WUA Station Manager

Daniel M3CUL working the 2m station

Simon G6XHF on 21MHz


Last weekend (20th & 21st August 2011) we enjoyed a great weekend at Leasowe Lighthouse taking part in the International Lighthouse and Lightships on the Air Weekend.  It is an annual event which is growing in popularity around the world every year.

Once again Geoff, G4WUA was our Station Manager and with help from other members of the Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club managed to work some exciting DX using a full size CAROLINA WINDOM antenna. 

Geoff tells me " We had a brilliant weekend, but not as many contacts this year due to the poor state of the 40/80m bands.  This disappointment was set aside as we worked more DX than ever into 33 countries including 55 lighthouses .. our best ever".

He continues, "Our best DX in terms of distance was Tasmania VK7, closely followed by Bob in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Rio in Brazil, West Coast of Canada and many in the USA".

"The PSK station, a new feature this year, was operated by Darren 2E0IOG who also worked Greenland, Senegal and Lithuania among it's 70 contacts".

There were also many contacts into Europe and Geoff ended .. "I will be filling out QSL cards for the next week !".

So all in all, a very successful weekend and Geoff thanks all those who supported the event with their presence.


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