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Last weekend,  (18th and 19th August) was ILLW - International Lighthouses and Lightships Weekend.

As is usual, WADARC ran a station at LEASOWE LIGHTHOUSE with the now permanent callsign GB4LL.

The Yaesu FT 450 that is permanently on site at the lighthouse was given extensive use on C.W. and S.S.B.,  sometimes through the 400 Watt linear, mainly on 40 M and 20 M.  The Club’s FT 991 also saw some action.

It is fair to say that there were some ‘teething problems’ and some running repairs were necessary but this all means that the next lighthouse activation will run even smoother.

Several members of other clubs, and from the Tall Trees Contest Group attended but it was disappointing that there was so little support from WADARC members.

One WADARC member who did come along was Colin (G4FPB). He found himself in the middle of some very frantic H.F. activity on Sunday afternoon but went away with a smile on his face having experienced several Q.S.O.s in a relatively short time, a much busier log book and operating style than he is used to.

The station operated from 10:00 A.M. till 4:00 P.M. both Saturday and Sunday.

We made a total of  97 contacts in 48 countries with some very interesting ones amongst them, from an American station putting 1kW into a stack of four 20M beams, to a /MM station in the Scottish Islands, and another operating from a Wind Turbine.

Try having a look on at some of the more unusual  contacts:-

 OJ0C - A ‘Youth at Sea’ / Lighthouse station on Market Reef in Finland

W2RE  - A monster station in the U.S.





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