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January 2020



Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club - 2020 UKAC Results so far ..

What a start to the new decade !!

The first result to come in this year was for the 144MHz contest which took place on the 7th January.  We came 3rd in the UK for that .. behind 807 ARO and Drowned Rats RG both contest groups.

The next result released this week was for the 50MHz contest on the 9th January where WADARC came 1st !! beating both 807 ARO and Drowned Rats RG and some very big well known groups.  Top Banana ! as they say.  It's the first time for ages that 807 ARO have been knocked off top place !  

Keeping our feet firmly on the ground we recognise this is a fabulous start to 2020 and "Congratulate" all our members placing their points in the WADARC pot, but obviously it is early days yet.  Nevertheless a BIG "Well done" to everyone.

If anyone would like to join our successful  Radio Club and take part in the UKAC contest activity with us, please talk to Denis G3UVR.

Read about our 2019 successes below :-

Thanks to Bob M1MHZ for the screen images above

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WADARC Success 2019 !

Major success for WADARC has been announced this week.  We had been lying in 3rd place in the UKAC 50MHz RSGB Contests for 2019. During the final monthly contest on the 12th December we had a BIG Push .. result being we managed to beat the once unbeatable Drowned Rats RG finishing the year in 2nd place !

The UKAC contest side of Wirral & District Amateur Radio Club is going from strength to strength.. and as the final results for 2019 are being released over the next weeks, we as a radio club are presently in overall 4th position in the General section.  This is a very creditable result, especially as we are the leading UK Radio Club in that section ! (as opposed to a contest group).

Our Congratulations and thanks go to all those club members/country members who regularly take part in the 50MHz contests (and on other bands as well of course)

Andy GD0AMD/P, Paul GW0MDQ, Denis G3UVR (who has had a number of personal top scores this year), Tom G4BKF,
Neil G4OAR/A, Frank G8REQ, George M0HWO, Neil M0WBG, Simon MW0XAD and not least Bob M1MHZ

You have each earned your callsign on the certificate below .. well done !

We have every intention and plans in place to make 2020 even more successful and invite anyone
 who would like to join a successful Amateur Radio Club and donate their points .. wherever you might live .. to contact Denis G3UVR

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Four More Success for WADARC !

With the closing results of UKAC 2019, more success have been announced for WADARC !  Final results for the 144MHz UKAC, the 1.3GHz UKAC, the 70MH UKAC and the 432MHz UKAC we came 4th in all four contests over the last 12 months.  Talk about being consistent !!

Once again our Congratulations and thanks go to all those club members/country members who regularly take part in the contests and have certainly put WADARC  "on the map" as a Radio Club to be respected.

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