The Wirral & District ARC

Welsh 2m DF Challenge

April 2004

On Sunday 25th April, 2003  the W.A.D.A.R.C North Wales D.F. Challenge was again held in the beautiful setting of the Clocaenog Forest. west of Ruthin. Participants from as far away as Trafford, and Telford took part and a great time was had by all. Start point for the morning hunt was  the car park of the Forge Restaurant  (formerly the Clwyd Gate Motel) near Ruthin which afforded a panoramic view of the search area. The 8 teams duly assembled at 10.00a.m., eagerly waiting for a call from the fox.

"Ready for the off"

L to R - Paul GW6ONZ, Martin GW4CQZ, Phil G0JSB, Phil G6IIM, Bob G4NCI, Jan G6SNO, Neil G4OAR, Frank G8REQ, Chris M1EEV, Dennis, G3UVR, Jim G6NOI, Peter G0BHP, Roger G4YLQ, Robin G3RJQ, Rich G8ZHA, Brian G4EWJ and Ziggy M1EIV

A variety of antennae were to be seen being waved about as the 10.00am start time approached and, just as the first call from the fox was about to be heard, Team G4EWJ unveiled their secret weapon to the opposition:



It's certainly a Big One!           "Eight Ball in the Top Pocket"

Foreground (L - R) Martyn GW4CQZ, Paul GW6ONZ Jim G6NOI,                       Ziggy M1EIV + Chris M1EEV "reaching out" for the fox with their super

Bob G4NCI                                                                                                                       hi-gain viagra-yagi 




Not to be outdone, other team members attempted to "psych" out the opposition by displaying their equally impressive fox detecting kit:







Watch out for the Indians!              "G6's do it Backwards!"


Rich, G8ZHA's impressive active and passive antenna systems - before                   Phil G6IIM demonstrating his prowess with the Reverse Polarisation

he went through the car-wash!!                                                                                       D.F. antenna





First of the teams to find the morning fox, which was situated 14 miles from the start, was Team G4EWJ consisting of Brian G4EWJ, Jim G6NOI, Chris M1EEV and Ziggy M1EIV,   in a time of 1Hour 10 minutes. Perhaps "Big is Beautiful" after all!



The Morning Winners
(L - R) Jim G6NOI, Chris M1EEV, Ziggy M1EIV and Brian G4EWJ


It took a while longer for six of the remaining teams to locate the fox who was enjoying the views from the bank of Llyn Brenig


Bob G4NCI sneaking up on the fox, Tom G4BKF


Lunch was taken at The Sportsmans Arms, near Denbigh, and tales of daring-do and equipment malfunctions were swapped over platters of the local fayre and flagons of ale.

"Last one out pays the bill!"

L. to R. (Background) Bob G4NCI, Chris M1EEV, Ziggy M1EIV, Denis G3UVR, Frank G8REQ, Tom G4BKF and (hiding behind Tom, Rich G8ZHA)

L. to R. (Foreground)   RogerG4YLQ, Peter G0BHP & Robin G3RJQ


Suitably replenished, six teams assembled for the afternoon event - two foxes this time! The starting point was outside the Sportsman's Arms and as the start time approached, the hunters flexed their antennae!

They seek him here........

Spot who also has a reverse polarized antenna?

They seek him there.....

Phil, G0JSB wondering why all the cars slow down as they go past him!


Both foxes (G4NCI & G4BKF) were heard at the start with similar signal strength. Consequently, the teams headed in different directions until one fox's signal became stronger than the other. Rich G8ZHA's active antenna system came into its own when he was the first to find a fox - G4NCI - in just under an hour. Eight minutes later, however, the other fox - G4BKF - was found, first by by Team G3UVR then, five minutes afterwards, by Team G0JSB. Although G0JSB reached his second fox only 32 minutes after leaving the first, he was pipped by G8ZHA who had arrived at his second fox five minutes earlier. At the end of the contest, five teams had discovered both foxes and one had reached one fox.

Its a hard life being a Fox

Bob G4NCI & Colin G3RLA catching some rays while waiting to be found


The Afternoon Winners

                         Rich G8ZHA, (First with an active antenna)                                       Phil G0JSB and XYL Jan G6SNO (First with a passive antenna)




Morning Hunt 1 Fox located at N.G.R. SH970561

Start Time 10.05


Team Callsign Time Taken (Hrs Mins) Antennas
G4EWJ 1  10 Passive
G0JSB 1  21 Passive
G4NCI 1  31 Passive
G8ZHA 1  34 Active
G3UVR 1  47 Passive
G6IIM 2  18 Passive


Afternoon Hunt 2 Foxes:

GW4BKF at N.G.R. SJ067556

  GW4NCI at N.G.R. SJ057618

  Start Time 14.05


Time to reach

Fox 1

Time to reach

Fox 2

FOX Hours Mins FOX Hours Mins
G8ZHA NCI 0 50 BKF 1 31 Active
G0JSB BKF 1 04 NCI 1 36 Passive
G3UVR BKF 0 58 NCI 2 07 Passive
GW4CQZ NCI 1 55 BKF 3 12 Passive
G6IIM NCI 2 21 BKF 3 24 Passive
G4EWJ BKF 3 29       Passive


If you are interested in future events, please contact me for more details

73, Tom, G4BKF


AX25: g4bkf@gb7oar

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