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North Wales 2m DF Hunts


This bi-annual event was organised by Tom G4BKF and at it's peak gravitated by popular request to the 4th Sunday in April and the 2nd Sunday in September (Unless conditions made it unsuitable, when if you were a regular, you would have received an email of explanation).

Unfortunately since 2012 it has not been possible to arrange any dates .. perhaps life is becoming too full ? but unfortunately enough suitable participants to make it worth while could not be found.  The high price of fuel has certainly had an effect as the day out travelling around North Wales does cover some miles !

If you would like to consider another day out in the future fox hunting, then please send Tom G4BKF an email at  g4bkf@wadarc.com

Below, you can browse all our previous North Wales DF Hunt events although for many reasons it has not always been possible to include a full report with photographs.

We thank everyone for their past support and enthusiasm for this event, particularly those who drove some distance from the midlands to be at the start on time, and those of our own members who also wanted to enjoy participating .. but instead kindly offer their services as fox for the morning and/or afternoon events for everyone's enjoyment.

We can promise those taking part an excellent day's sport in some of the most beautiful scenery of North Wales.  We stress once again that this event is not just open to 'experts' (there were not many !!) but to everyone who is enthused by the thrill of direction finding.

The only 'variable' to the day is the weather but even here it has been extremely kind to us over the years, but do come prepared as it is possible to start the day in sunshine and finish in pouring rain and visa versa.

It is our prime objective, that everyone attending has an enjoyable day out playing radio while improving their skills at RDF and adding to their abilities at building antennas, attenuators and map reading.

Our plans for the future ?  Well, if you would like more information, or be added to our mailing list or know of anyone else who might like to join in our DF activities .. then again, please contact Tom at g4bkf@wadarc.com 


22nd April 2012               Results
11th Sept 2011                Results
8th May 2011                  Results
12th Sept 2010                 Results
25th April 2010                Results
20th Sept 2009  Results & Report
26th April 2009  Results & Report
14th Sept 2008  Results & Report
27th April 2008  Results & Report
9th Sept 2007    Results & Report
22nd April 2007  Results & Report
10th Sept 2006  Results & Report
30th April 2006  Results & Report
11th Sept 2005  Results & Report
24th April 2005  Results & Report
12th Sept 2004  Results & Report
25th April 2004  Results & Report
7th Sept 2003  Results & Report
27th April 2003  Results & Report
15th Sept 2002  Cancelled due to Foot & Mouth
29th April 2001 Cancelled due to restrictions
17th Sept 2000   Cancelled due to UK Petrol Blockade
19th Sept 1999  Results & Report
1998  No Meeting
1996 / 1997  Our 1st N Wales Fox Hunt

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