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Technical Articles


"How to" Guides, supplied by   Click for Maplin website

        Audio Cables
        Anatomy of a Loudspeaker
        Circuit Laws
        Global Positioning Systems
        Guide to Better Soldering
        Opto Electronics
        Reference Charts
        Telecoms & Accessories

Our thanks to Maplin Electronics for permission to reproduce these Guides

Practical Construction Articles

        A Switched Attenuator for 144MHz DF by Denis, G3UVR
RF Sniffer for close up DF on 144MHz by Denis, G3UVR
        Build a quality DL6WU Long Yagi for 23cms by Chris, M1EEV
Problems with Regulator Decoupling by Denis, G3UVR

Reference Articles

          Colour Code for wiring RJ45 to Cat5e cable
        ElectronicsNotes - Learn about Resistors, Capacitors, Inductors and much more..

          Pin-Outs for EVERYTHING from PC's/Phones/Video/PDA's
        Article - dB or not dB? Everything you wanted to know about dB's

User Articles

Charging a Lead Acid Battery by the Battery University
Understanding 4m Sporadic E Activity by Denis, G3UVR
Using IRLP Gateways by Ian Abel G3ZHI - pdf document


Ascom SE550 70MHz Mk 1 Brief explanation leaflet - pdf

Ascom SE550 70MHz Mk 3 User Manual by Andy G0BEQ - pdf

Ascom SE550 70MHz Mk 3 Alignment after new eprom by G4KTE - pdf

Ascom SE550 70MHz Mk 3 Battery Back-up for Memory by Andy G0BEQ - pdf

Original Ascom SE550 70MHz Part 1 Description

Original Ascom SE550 70MHz Part 2 Installation

Original Ascom SE550 70MHz Part 3 Functional Description

Original Ascom SE550 70MHz Part 4 Maintenance

Original Ascom SE550 70MHz Part 5 Alignment

Original Ascom SE550 Circuit Diagrams

Original Ascom SE550 Main Circuit Diagrams


Thanks to Andy G0BEQ for use of some of the above files.


Microwave Modules MMT 432/144 Transverter Series Manual - pdf
TET Antenna Data Sheet for HB35C, HB34D, HB35T, HB32/33SP & HB42/43SP - pdf

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